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Gas & Steam Turbines​

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Achieve reliable and sustainable performance for gas and steam turbines
Achieve reliable and sustainable performance for gas and steam turbines

Achieve reliable and sustainable performance for gas and steam turbines

Maximize efficiency

Gas and steam turbines require meticulous attention to detail in design and operation. Even the slightest quality issues can lead to operational hazards, reduced efficiency, and shorter service life. ZEISS offers solutions, enabling customers to achieve the highest quality standards and accelerate production, ensuring the turbines' safety, efficiency, and longevity.

Providing part quality control for optimum performance of gas turbines​

Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines: Providing part quality control for optimum performance

Compressor component quality control

A compressor is the crucial component for compressing air by a defined ratio to achieve efficient combustion and provide air for the cooling of the blades in the hot zone. As a result, it is subject to strict quality controls to ensure the compressor proper functioning and optimum performance. Discover how ZEISS Metrology can support you here.

Hot zone blades and components

Hot zone blades and components: Solutions for coated parts in production and maintenance

The fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber to produce high-pressure hot gases. These gases expand through the blades and vanes of the turbine stages and drive a shaft. The high temperature along this process requires proper air cooling and a special coating for all components. Proper design, coating of the parts as well the integrated cooling holes are essential for efficient operation and to prevent breakdowns. Discover the solutions of ZEISS.

Steam turbine: Enhancing efficiency with quality control

Steam turbine: Enhancing efficiency with quality control

Steam generation can have several sources, such as exhaust gas from gas turbines, iron casting, nuclear power, or other high-temperature sources. The available steam pressure and volume define the turbine design to include high-pressure, a medium-pressure, and a low-pressure turbine section. The pressurized steam flows through the blades and vanes to produce mechanical energy to run a generator. ZEISS metrology solutions ensure performance at the highest level and increase efficiency based on various data. Design and performance improvements are the key factors for power generation.

Gearbox for speed reduction ​

For power generation, gas and steam turbines run at a specific speed that is optimized based on the turbine design and efficiency. This speed level can deviate from the input needed at the generator side. In this case, a speed reduction gearbox is built into the power generation setup to align the speed level and torque of the turbine shaft through the gearbox to the generator. ZEISS Quality Solutions can increase reliability and longevity for the gearbox and its components, reducing costly downtime and repairs.

Gearbox for speed reduction ​
Generator: Maximizing efficiency with quality control

Generator: Maximizing efficiency with quality control

The generator consists out of the rotor, stator and stator housing, and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The generator can be mounted directly on the shaft of the gas and steam turbine or can be driven by the speed reduction gearbox.

Tight tolerances and a small air gap between the stator and rotor are crucial for the overall performance. ZEISS solutions help to enable high efficiency based on accuracy.
From blades and injectors to metallurgical and other inspections, Zeiss provides the appropriate solution for your application

Powerful software for efficient analysis

One software for advanced metrology​


Discover the strength of ZEISS INSPECT, a software solution that allows you to analyze a variety of data types, including optical 3D data, volume data, blades and airfoils, and moving image data. The software's powerful features ensure your specific needs can be met, regardless of the system you use. Easy drag-and-drop data import and user-friendly templates ensure efficient workflows and accurate results.​

All-purpose software for dimensional metrology​


Coordinate measuring machine software: ZEISS CALYPSO measures geometric elements - accurately, fast and efficiently. Select the required measurement features to configure your inspection plans. When used in connection with ZEISS measuring systems and sensors, ZEISS CALYPSO provides you with a powerful system from a single source. The software also adapts to your needs: With numerous optional add-ons, ZEISS CALYPSO also provides the perfect solution for demanding applications.​

Intelligent inspection software for high demands​


ZEISS PiWeb supports decision making on the shopfloor with measurement results, values for temperature and other input data from various sources and equipment. This allows you to efficiently track your production quality across all machines along the production. ZEISS PiWeb can capture and analyze results from tactile, optical, manual or CT measurements from other parties as well as other machines such as CNC milling and more.​

ZEISS Solutions for Power & Energy

From blades and injectors to metallurgical and other inspections, Zeiss provides the appropriate solution for your application.​

ZEISS Solutions for Power & Energy

ZEISS ATOS LRX is the specialist for large-volume parts as housings or casting parts.


High-precision CMM solution for multiple applications as housings, shafts, discs, and machining.


The microscopy solutions from ZEISS support you in the inspection of blades as well as in metallurgy and technical cleanliness.


ZEISS ATOS 5 for Airfoil is used in manufacturing and MRO for blade and vane inspection as well as to measure the coating thickness


ZEISS PRISMO – High-precision tactile measurement of geometries and injectors. ZEISS ScanBox delivers full 3D data for your digital twin of additive manufactured parts.

ZEISS PRISMO for Airfoil

Accurate airfoil for high-precision blade inspection with ZEISS PRISMO for Airfoil.


Zeiss DuraMax is designed to provide versatile inspection for blades, shopfloor grinding and preset option for EDM.

ZEISS T-Scan Hawk 2

Advanced MRO and other laser scanning applications in the power and energy industry.


ZEISS ScanBoxes for measurement of blades, vanes, and coating thickness

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