How GOM and ZEISS are making the invisible visible

The innovation leap in computed tomography

X-ray vision. GOM and ZEISS both had a vision to provide customers with solutions that make the invisible visible. Now, they are combining their expertise to take this vision to the next level. For the customer, the positive effects are already evident.

What strength does GOM bring to the X-ray portfolio of ZEISS?

Dr. Dominik Stahl: We have a great deal of expertise in writing powerful algorithms and software. With GOM Inspect, we have a strong standalone software solution on the market, which is updated in annual cycles. The 2020 release of GOM Volume Inspect includes numerous new features for the evaluation of volume data. We can make a powerful contribution to our joint success with this development.

Dr. Petra Schmidt: Software is a highly relevant topic, especially when it comes to evaluation software. GOM Inspect adds significant value to our X-ray portfolio.

What is so appealing about GOM Inspect?

Dr. Petra Schmidt: When it comes to metrological evaluation, GOM Inspect is a well-established software solution. Customers appreciate its powerful features and it has a good, modern user interface. Some customers who own a CT system from ZEISS are already using GOM Inspect for evaluation purposes. In the future, we will be able to offer all this from one source, including training and service.

Dr. Dominik Stahl: And GOM Inspect is becoming even more versatile. The new version of the software GOM Volume Inspect will offer many more volume functions to meet even more customer requirements. Additional software for more detailed data analysis will no longer be necessary for metrological evaluations, so customers will save money.

Dr. Petra Schmidt is head of the X-ray Field of Business at ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions. Dr. Dominik Stahl is in charge of CT development at GOM, headquartered in Braunschweig.

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