ZEISS #measuringhero Award

Winner of the Category: Perfect Measuring Room

Together with ZEISS IQS Austria, AVL List GmbH managed to develop a precision measuring room according to VDI/VDE 2627. The main challenge thereby was the design of the air conditioning technology to achieve the required temperature stability. Their perfect measuring room manages to achieve fluctuations in the range ± 0.1°C and ± 1% humidity with an efficient room air conditioning concept with access through an airlock and generous design of the room volume and technology. Thanks to their ZEISS PRISMO, their perfect environment, and the preconditioning of the components to be measured all in the same room, they achieve highly accurate and reproducible measurement results. Christian and his team fascinated the jury with their story and their impressive measuring room and were thus able to successfully win out over other participants in this category.

Christian Höfer

  • Company: AVL List GmbH
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Country: Austria
  • My passion for quality assurance: I like precise measurements and statistics
  • Favorite ZEISS product: ZEISS PRISMO
  • Why ZEISS: Nothing is more precise than a ZEISS PRISMO
  • Your message to the global #measuringhero community out there: Trust only your own measurement

How did your registration come about? Did someone motivate you to do so?

I found out about the competition online and noticed that ZEISS was looking for the #measuringhero in various categories. When I then saw the "Perfect Measuring Room" category, it was clear that we simply had to take part. My supervisor was also quickly convinced by the idea and I immediately told him that I would win the award for AVL.

Wolfgang Farnady (Head of IQS Austria/South East Europe), Christian Höfer (Component Measurement Technician bei AVL List GmbH), Benedikt Feldhofer (Lead Engineer Component Quality Assurance bei AVL List GmbH)

What makes the measuring room in your company so exceptional for you?

The measuring room at our company has very constant values in terms of temperature and humidity. We have a deviation of ± 1 in both values and thus we have exceeded our own planning. To be honest, I am very proud of this, because this consistency in the measurement environment is like a calibration laboratory. As we all know, the environment is the decisive criterion when measuring components. This was the focus during planning and we succeeded in fulfilling it, as the award for it also shows.

Christian Höfer and Wolfgang Farnady (Head of IQS Austria/South East Europe)

What challenges did you face in planning and implementing the measuring room?

There were a lot of different concepts and designs before a management decision was made. In the end, the work of persuasion was successful and thus the measuring room project could be initiated. The biggest challenges were the complex overall building planning and the commissioning during ongoing business operations.

How did it feel to have won the ZEISS #measuringhero award for your company? How did your colleagues react?

When I received the email notification of my win, I was on vacation. I was very happy and immediately called my supervisor and reminded him that yes, I wanted to win the #measuringhero award and that it had now actually been awarded to us. We were very happy about the award, because in the end we won as Team AVL!

Will the ZEISS #measuringhero Award have a special place in your company?

I would prefer it be displayed right on the turntable so that everyone can see it. But it can't stay there. So we need a big showcase in the measuring room so that it definitely gets a special place. If we get a big showcase, there will also be room for more awards. It's still a long time until I retire and I will definitely sign up again for the next award - maybe I'll manage another win. I am really excited about this contest and proud to be a winner!