Laser Microdissection

and Optical Tweezers

Cell analysis

Laser Microdissection and Optical Tweezers

Laser Microdissection is the contamination-free method for separating and collecting cells of interest out of tissue samples or cell cultures. The isolated pure cell populations are the ideal starting point for specific and meaningful results in your molecular analysis.

Optical Tweezers are also a contact-free method that uses a highly focused laser beam to manipulate and sort cells in suspension, for example bacteria.


PALM MicroBeam

The precise and contact-free laser microdissection system isolates single cell populations from heterogenous samples. This opens up new prospects for molecular research.

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PALM MicroTweezers

Trap, move and sort single cells and subcellular structures without contact. Use optical tweezers to extend your possibilities in biological research.

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PALM CombiSystem

Dedicated for contact-free micromanipulation this modular instrument combines the benefits of laser microdissection with optical tweezers.

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