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The 44th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan


01/12/2021 - 03/12/2021


Japan / Yokohama


MBSJ2021 will be held in a "hybrid format" for the first time in the Molecular Biology Society of Japan. According to the ongoing registration and abstract submission, the number of on-site participants is expected to be 50-60% of the usual number, or a little over 4,000 people at the Pacifico Yokohama. Since there are many respondents who are undecided, it is quite possible that the number of participants will increase further as the meeting approaches, depending on the infection situation. What should we do to hold a "safer and more secure annual meeting" while fulfilling the strong desire of participants to discuss cutting-edge science locally? The Infection Control Advisor and the Organizing Committee are currently exploring various options. We gave up on the idea of setting a goal of "zero infections" as unreasonable at this scale. On the other hand, one of our ideas is to issue a "Safety Passport" (tentative) to local participants who can present a vaccination certificate or a PCR negative certificate, and to ask them to have the passport "visible" at all times along with their name cards. Vaccination does not completely prevent infection with the new coronavirus, but it may help to avoid serious illness. In addition, for those participants who do not have these certificates, we are considering offering a coronavirus testing service at the venue during the exhibition. We will work together with all of you to realize a "safer and more secure" MBSJ annual meeting where science can be discussed live without anxiety, based on rules that will be "reasonable" and convincing to those who wish to participate in the meeting.