Webinar "Tissue clearing and 3D imaging: towards a new look of host pathogen interactions from Zf to mouse model. "

Nous avons le plaisir de vous inviter lors d'un webinar, au séminaire de Christelle Langevin, chargée de recherche à l'IERP zebrafish phenotyping platform.

The main mission of the INRAEInfectiology Platform for fish and rodents (IERP) is to promote the study of infectious diseases through in vivo investigation. Therefore, infectiology and animal phenotyping are conducted on (zebra)fish and mouse models to monitor infectious processes combining high sensitivity Bioluminescent & Fluorescent Systems distributed within the confined facilities (BSL2-BSL3).
Indeed, engineering of traceable pathogens using reverse genetic system and/or nanotechnologies have contributed to the development of novel analysis tools in vivo based on innovative in vivo imaging techniques. Their use in combination with emergent tissue clearing techniques provide the possibility of deep 3D imaging of organs or organisms at cellular resolution to improve histopathological diagnosis of infectious diseases.
During my talk, I will present our structure and illustrate the contribution of 3D imaging techniques to the study of host-pathogen interactions in different contexts.


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avec Filippe Del Bene, Sorbonne University Institut de la Vision

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