Service de réparation ZEISS

Caméra thermique

We repair our entire current product portfolio as well as a large selection of historical products. If your product is not listed in the form below or you are unsure, please contact our customer service.

The fastest service can be obtained directly from ZEISS directly via the form below. If you need service, you can also contact your local ZEISS dealer.

In order to take advantage of the ZEISS manufacturer's warranty, a proof of purchase of your product is absolutely necessary. Please upload proof of purchase in the form below or attach proof of purchase to your product.

Pour garantir que votre produit vous est renvoyé de façon aussi rapide et confortable que possible, veuillez suivre les instructions:

  • Complétez le formulaire de réparation ci-après.
  • Imprimez l'E-mail de confirmation.
  • Signez le formulaire de réparation, joignez-le à votre produit et contactez un revendeur ZEISS près de chez vous pour la suite du traitement.
  • Si vous avez la moindre question avant d'envoyer votre produit ZEISS, veuillez utiliser le formulaire de service à la clientèle en premier lieu.
  • Quand vous complétez le formulaire veuillez noter que malheureusement, seules des informations en anglais sont possibles.

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What happens, when I sent the product?

We will then thoroughly examine your product. You will receive a cost estimate about the expected costs and can decide if we should do the work or not. We will inform you if the option exists to replace your product or offer you a new product with a surcharge. We will begin as soon as you tell us to do so.

By the way: we often make minor repairs free of charge. In such cases, you will receive your serviced product instead of the cost estimate.