ZEISS i.Scription

ZEISS i.Scription® Technology

The next Generation of Lens Optimisation

The human eye is a true marvel of nature. Seeing is not just seeing. The visual process encompasses many different aspects, all influenced by the eye of the individual beholder.

i.Scription® at a glance

  • Detection of higher order aberrations through the use of wavefront technology.
  • Scientifically valid algorithms for individualised lens computation
  • Result: optimisation of the image on the retina for optimum visual quality and contras in different conditions
  • Design

    With i.Scription® colours are richer than ever before, night and twilight orientation is possible without reflections or haloes, and everything is seen with breathtaking sharpness – all with outstanding contrast and clarity.

    ZEISS i.Scription

    Vision with traditional correction

    ZEISS i.Scription

    Vision with i.Scription®

    This is all achieved through the exact measurement of i.Profiler®plus and an innovative optimisation algorithm which takes into account the individual aberrations of the eye - including higher-order aberrations. Newly developed, highly precise production processes turn these calculations into lenses that allow a perfect view of the world.

  • Benefits
    ZEISS i.Scription

    Advantages of i.Scription®

    • Optimum lenses with special properties for conditions with reduced contrast, e. g. at night and in twilight
    • Razor-sharp contrast
    • Excellent depth of field
    • Greater safety in situations with poor light
    • For use with ZEISS RX lenses
  • Details

    High-tech for higher order aberrations: ZEISS lenses with i.Scription®

    In the field of optometry, the refractive errors of sphere (defocus) and cylinder (astigmatism) comprise aberrations of up to the second order. These aberrations can be corrected by spectacle lenses. Higher order aberrations of the eye - such as coma or trefoil - cannot be corrected with spectacle lenses, as they are dependent on the pupil aperture and therefore to a major extent on the viewing eye. However, they have a major influence on the quality of the retinal image: higher-order aberrations are the cause of reduced visual contrast or poor vision in night or twilight conditions.

    With i.Scription®, Carl Zeiss has now developed an optimisation algorithm that takes into account higher order aberrations in order to optimise the corrective power of the lens.

    i.Profiler™ data become i.Scription®

    The most important component is the data calculation with the computer system at Carl Zeiss – the result of many years of intensive research. Thanks to the extensive experience gained by ZEISS in refractive surgery, this technology can now be utilized in the field of eyeglasses.

    To order i.Scription® lenses, send the values determined with i.Profiler®plus to Carl Zeiss, in addition to the standard values. Here, all of the data is first processed with the optimisation algorithm and then converted into precise production data. The result: i.Scription® lenses specially tailored to the personal needs of each individual person.