High Resolution & Contrast 3D X-Ray


  • Introduction

    High Resolution and Contrast

    The VersaXRM-410 encompasses all the benefits of the VersaXRM family of 3D X-ray microscopes for computed tomography. The VersaXRM-410 is uniquely designed to bridge cost/performance standards for a broad range of scientific research. It offers Resolution at a Distance (RaaD™), proprietary Xradia technology that enables the instrument to maintain high resolution over large working distances. With a large enclosure that allows flexible sample manipulation, long stage travel and a heavy load sample stage, the VersaXRM-410 is ideal for studying large samples in situ and in 4D (3D + time). The VersaXRM-410 is ideal for studying the behavior of internal 3D fine structures in a large variety of samples under different experimental conditions.

  • Highlights

    Industry-leading 4D and In Situ Capabilities for Flexible Sample Sizes and Types

    The VersaXRM-410 is a 3D X-ray microscope (XRM) enabling research beyond the resolution limitations of micro- and nano-CT. It is a high resolution, non-destructive scientific instrument uniquely designed for imaging and quantifying a wide range of sample sizes and types. Specially designed high resolution lens detectors allow for high resolution and high contrast imaging of larger range of samples, from centimeters to micrometers in size. Additional travel of the source and detector stages, and input baffles for the spacious enclosure allow for unprecedented ability to image samples during in situ experiments utilizing test fixtures.

    As with all of the VersaXRM family of 3D X-ray microscopes, the VersaXRM-410 is equipped with traditional geometric magnification plus an additional stage of optical magnification. This unique two-stage magnification process results in RaaD™ Resolution at a Distance, and enables true submicron resolution for a wide range of sample sizes. Architected for laboratory advantage, the VersaXRM family of 3D X-ray microscopes combines high-contrast detector and propagation phase contrast imaging to achieve stunning contrast for traditionally difficult-to-image low Z materials such as polymers and biological tissues.

  • Benefits
    • Non-destructive 3D imaging to preserve and extend the use of valuable samples
    • High spatial resolution down to <0.9 µm and 100 nm voxel size
    • Advanced contrast solutions for low Z materials and soft tissue
    • Industry-leading 4D and in situ capabilities for flexible sample sizes and types
    • Scout-and-Scan™ control system for easy-to-use workflow set-up ideal in multi-user environments
    • Heavy load sample stage and extended source and detector stage travel
    • Minimal need for sample preparation
    • Easy navigation through multiple magnification detector system
    • Continuous operation through automated multiple point tomography and repetitive scanning
    • High speed reconstruction
  • Applications

    Life Science Research
    High contrast detector coupled with phase contrast imaging delivers unprecedented cellular-level detail for developmental biology, pathology, and neural network mapping.

    Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis
    The industry's highest resolution non-destructive solution for submicron imaging of failures and microstructural details on large intact boards and advanced 3D packages.

    Materials Science
    Image and quantify microstructure evolution in 3D and 4D (time-based). RaaD enables in situ experiments with submicron resolution across a large variety—including the interior regions—of material types and sizes.

    Oil & Gas Drilling Feasability Studies
    The most accurate 3D submicron characterization of rock pore structures for digital rock simulations and in situ multiphase fluid flow studies.

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