All-purpose, High Resolution, Non-destructive 3D X-ray Imaging System


  • Introduction

    High Resolution and Contrast

    The MicroXCT-200 is a versatile 3D X-ray imaging system suited for non-destructive analysis of a large variety of samples. Its unique design allows for high resolution imaging for relatively large samples. Its detectors are tailored to image both high and low absorption materials. The MicroXCT-200 provides the unique high resolution 3D imaging ability that allows analysis and visualization of internal fine 3D structures in intact samples, which is not possible with typical surface analysis tools like the AFM, SEM or conventional CT systems.

  • Highlights

    Large Sample Size, Shape Flexibility and Automated Multiple Point Imaging

    The MicroXCT-200 is an all-purpose, high resolution, non-destructive 3D X-ray imaging system. Uniquely designed high resolution lens detectors allow for high resolution and high contrast imaging of small and larger samples. These lens detectors provide superior contrast even for low absorption materials. The MicroXCT-200 is equipped with multiple magnification detectors for easy zoom in during imaging. The various magnifications provide immense flexibility in available fields of views and resolutions for a large variety of sample sizes. In addition, multiple point tomography using recipes enables imaging without continuous user interaction, allowing the instrument to operate 24-7.

    The MicroXCT-200 is a versatile system that is suitable for both industrial and research applications. The ability to non-destructively image a large variety of sample sizes at various levels of resolution has enabled its wide utility in various fields including life science, materials imaging, and semiconductor package FA, as well as oil and gas rock modeling applications.

    All MicroXCTs are equipped with robust, maintenance free closed tube X-ray sources, and highly stable and repeatable sample stages. In addition, these systems are designed to have significantly diminished cone angle artifact as opposed to traditional CT systems using flat panel detectors.

  • Benefits
    • Non-destructive 3D imaging
    • High spatial resolution down to <1 µ and pixel size down to .56 µm
    • Minimal dependence of resolution on sample size
    • Minimal need for sample preparation
    • Easy navigation through a multiple magnification detector system
    • Continuous operation through automated multiple point tomography and repetitive scanning
    • Robust and low maintenance system
    • High speed reconstruction
  • Applications

    Life Science Research
    The MicroXCT-200 offers highly flexible, non destructive imaging for studying biomedical samples. Its unique detector design provides high contrast imaging for calcified as well as soft tissue in pre-clinical studies.

    Semiconductor Package Failure Analysis
    With large flexibility in sample size, material type, field of view, and resolution, the MicroXCT-200 can help today's FA engineer tackle the toughest packaging defects.

    Advanced Material Development
    Superior contrast and resolution enable imaging of complex internal structures of both high and low absorption materials in state-of-the art material samples.

    Oil & Gas Drilling Feasibility Studies
    The MicroXCT-200 offers high resolution and contrast for imaging core samples. It supports pore connectivity and microstructure modeling for flow analysis of large field regions.

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