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Workshops at Carl Zeiss Microscopy

  • ZEISS on Your Campus

    ZEISS on Your Campus 2012

    ZEISS on Your Campus (ZOYC) is a free global workshop series aimed at educating scientists and students in the fundamentals of microscopy as well as new techniques.
    In 2012, ZOYC will focus on the basics of acquiring images for scientific publication as well as introduce emerging technologies in both light and electron microscopy. Each ZOYC will include a combination of lectures and hands-on labs presented by microscopy experts.

    In order to ensure a productive learning environment, registration is required and group sizes are strictly limited.

    Please note: By registering you are giving permission for use of group and individual photos and/or filming to be taken during the event and understand that these may be used for future Carl Zeiss marketing and communication purposes.

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    Locations in Europe

    Date to be defined - Bergen - Norway
    Date to be defined - Berlin - Germany
    Date to be defined - Bordeaux - France
    Date to be defined - Copenhagen - Denmark
    Date to be defined - Magdeburg - Germany


    Locations in North America

    United States of America
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    Locations in South America

    Dates to be defined


    Locations in Asia





    East China
    2012 Dec, Shanghai
    2012 Dec, Ji'nan
    2013, Nanchang
    2013, Xuzhou

    South China
    2012 Nov, Haikou
    2013, Fuzhou

    Central China
    2013, Wuhan
    2013, Changsha

    Southwest China
    2013, Chengdu
    2013, Chongqing

  • Laser Microdissection

    Laser Microdissection with PALM MicroBeam

    Tissue heterogeneity is a common source of unsuccessful experiments. Pure sample preparation therefore is an important prerequisite for specific and reliable analysis.

    Laser Capture Microdissection is a tool to prepare homogeneous tissue and cell areas as starting material for reliable and reproducible results as it allows the defined investigation of spatially different tissue areas.

    In our workshops we will show you an entirely non-contact method of cell or tissue isolation and we will give you useful information regarding upstream (sample preparation) and downstream work (molecular analysis): Sample purity makes the difference.

    (at the moment no Workshop available)

  • RNA-Laser Microdissection

    RNA-Laser Microdissection

    A prerequisite for good RNA after microdissection is good RNA before microdissection. Dos and Don’ts.

    Are you sometimes angry about bad RNA quality after having worked quite hard on your samples?
    Correct handling of the sample from the beginning is important in order to avoid contamination and RNA degradation. In our workshop we will show you the steps to a successful work. Get tips on how to optimize the quality of your RNA.

    (at the moment no Workshop available)

  • The Perfect Specimen

    The"perfect" specimen

    Any analysis and diagnosis can only be successful if the starting material is of high quality.

    Sample preparation, that means the production of e.g. sections is a critical factor in the process of sample collection, fixation, preparation, staining and analysis. Specific requirements for different applications have to be considered. The perfect specimen is an individual solution for every application. We will show you the basics.

    (At the moment no Workshop available)