Registration ZEISS workshops at Neubias Symposium 2020

Bordeaux, France - 4 March to 6 March 2020

It‘s a great pleasure to invite you to the ZEISS Workshops at the forthcoming NEUBIAS, which will be held in Bordeaux, from the 4th to the 6th of March.

The workshop will provide an overview of new software’s features developed by ZEISS : ZEN Connect and APEER.

Workshop 1 | Wed. 4th of March, 16h10

ZEN Connect - Overlay and organize images from any source.

Connect All Your Multimodal Data to Expand Correlative Microscopy

Often, to fully understand your sample, you will need to combine multiple microscopy technologies or contrasting techniques.

Say you are wanting to understand synaptic ultrastructure in context with their brain region. In that case and many others, a single microscopy method is not always enough to answer all your questions.


You can address some of them with correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM), a field which ZEISS Microscopy has pioneered in recent years. Correlative microscopy combines the flexibility and large fields of view of light microscopes with the analytical power and nanometer resolution of electron microscopes. Now, with ZEN Connect, you can take that next important step and bring all of your imaging technologies together – ZEISS or not – to answer your scientific questions. ZEN Connect lets you combine multiple perspectives of your sample across scales and imaging modalities.

Workshop 2 | Thu. 5th of March, 14h50

ZEN ecosystem for the Open Software Community –

How to use your code and machine learning models inside ZEN using APEER and Intellesis 

Creating bridges between open source tools and the ZEN ecosystem is something ZEISS has recognized as an important part of its strategy.

We will present APEER (on-site) as a new tool to integrate your code into the ZEN platform by leveraging Docker™ technology, which is the backbone of the APEER platform. The new tool will allow you to use an APEER module (docker container plus module specifications) integrated inside the ZEN software on your local system. 

Machine learning technology is a crucial component of this strategy. The ZEN platform offers ZEN Intellesis Trainable Segmentation, which allows to segment multi-dimensional images using pixel classification or by using deep neural networks and which is built on open-source machine learning libraries. In addition to models created by ZEISS our platform will allow to import external models to use them for segmentation, image analysis and as part of feedback microscopy workflows. Therefore, we publish our model specification and create a dedicated PyPi package that allows to easily create a model that works inside the ZEN platform. 

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